Registration Membership and the Health Certificate

In order to compete to the various tournaments, you first have to be registered with the Cyprus tennis federation and get your unique ID number.

The registration would only take place however if the player has firstly obtained his first valid Health Certificate.

The Health Certificate is a prerequisite for their participation of all sports in Cyprus that are under the auspices of the Cyprus sports organization.  This certificate has a three year validity period and it is required to be presented to the tournament organizer at all times.

The process by which a player obtains his health Certificate is clearly explained below.

The Cyprus sport organization has drafted rules by which players depending on their age need a number of documents with which they can apply for their health Certificate.

The following forms and documents are necessary:

1. Properly filled in a special form named ASYA copy of which you can find in documents and forms.
This form should be filled in by a Physician of the following specialist field:
Cardiologists, pathologists, pediatricians for children under 12

2. A cardiogram

3. A Blood test

4. A Stress test (for athletes that are over 35)

5. A recent passport photo(less than 6 months old)

All of the above are sent to the Cyprus sports organization and within two months depending on all medical matters being OK the health certificate is issued.  It is also customary that the health certificates as sent as soon as they are issued to the offices of the Cyprus tennis federation and then sent to the clubs to be distributed to the members.

Thereafter the player should then fill the

  • Cyprus tennis federation application form (also found in documents and forms)and send it with the following
  • registration fee , the
  • annual subscription fee and a
  • Passport size photo to the offices of the Cyprus tennis federation for their membership card to be issued.  It is only then that the player obtains his or her Cyprus tennis federation ID number through which he can enter on line and play tournaments in Cyprus.

All entries must be online entries.

The player is now ready with his unique ID number to finalize the registration procedure with the Cyprus tennis federation database.

The registration finalization with the Cyprus Tennis Federation database.