The Social Aspect of Tennis

Tennis is a great social sport. Club atmosphere, activities other than tennis, meeting new friends and generally enjoying a drink or a meal after the match.  A large number of people visit every day local tennis clubs not for the game itself but for meeting friends and watch a game on the TV and discuss their favorite subject.

Tennis is also a lifetime sport, making this way lifetime friends,  especially between senior players.  Furthermore the age gap does not exist.  Tennis can be played between people of different ages and gender which is quite unique in a way.

It is also a universal game.  It can be played in many countries whilst on visit or work and what you would need to take with you is a pair of trainers and your racquets.

Tournaments are abundant worldwide and at all levels and participation is quite straightforward. Very famous lifetime partners came out of tennis clubs and competitions with the most famous that of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf.