National Service Support

The army and the athletes

The Cyprus sports organization understands fully  the difficulties that the athletes face during their National Service, and for this reason it  has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the highest military authority on the island, whereby athletes depending of course on their past results and performance have certain benefits that allow them to continue their training program and compete during their military service.  This memorandum of understanding could be found in the documents and forms tab.

Lohos Athliton

A number of athletes are chosen to serve in a special regiment not very far from the national tennis center, with minimal traveling time, and a very good time schedule.  These athletes are chosen every year with a fairsystem, the “army points awarded” system.  Details of the system could be found in the  documents and forms tab    


A larger number of athletes with the recommendation of the Cyprus tennis federation and of course the Cyprus sports organization , are chosen to be based very close to their training facilities thus allowing them to train regularly.

In addition all the above are athletes will be given a leave of absence to participate either in tournaments within the country, or tournaments abroad.

The Cyprus tennis federation are in close contact with the military authorities, for this purpose and at all times.