14/12/2022 - ITF World Tennis Number

ITF World Tennis Number
What is ITF World Tennis Number?
ITF World Tennis Number is for all tennis players.
- Real-time skill level rating
- Find evenly matched opponents wherever you are
- Track your tennis progress based on your actual performance
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How To Get Your Number? A Simple Guide.
How does it work?
- Your Number will be between 40-1
- Beginners start at 40
- Pro players will be closer to 1
How often will my Number change?
- Our algorithm will calculate your Number on a weekly basis. Getting out on court is the key to seeing yours change.
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The Science Behind ITF World Tennis Number
- What is the scale length for the ITF World Tennis Number?
- How’s it calculated?
- What match results will count towards the ITF World Tennis Number?
- Does it help me to play people with a lower ITF World Tennis Number?
- How will my ITF World Tennis Number improve?
- How often will my ITF World Tennis Number update?
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Grow your game / Grow our sport.
ITF World Tennis Number is for:
- Tennis club members who play a couple of times a week
- Park players who get on court a few times every summer
- Kids and adults who are just starting out
- Seasoned pros playing ITF circuit tournaments.
- Even if you haven’t played in years, your ITF World Tennis Number will make it easy to get back on court with players of a similar standard.
How it Works / Watch VIDEO
What is Game zONe?
Our Game zONe identifies a range of potential opponents whose Numbers are close to yours on the scale.
- Game zONe will find evenly-matched opponents wherever you are, to ensure the best possible experience on court
- Our industry-leading algorithm analyses player performance data and millions of match results.
Don’t forget, as your Number changes, your Game zONe will change too, so be sure to check back regularly to find new opponents to play.
Player benefits
The ITF World Tennis Number will give you:
- A Number for singles, and a Number for doubles
- A single global scale for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability
- Personalised Game zONe to help identify players of a similar skill level to yours
- Online, searchable community giving you access to suitable opponents wherever you are in the world
- Access to statistics to track and improve your game, including head-to-head comparisons with other players and their win/loss ratios
- The ability to build a favourite list of players at your school, club, or amongst friends that you’d like to play in future