The Day of Tennis

Every year, usually during January or February, the Cyprus Tennis Federation holds its annual  prize giving  celebration. It is customary on that day to thank all the people that contributed to the sport during  the previous calendar year.

Officials, sponsors, sports organization dignitaries, coaches and referees, players’ parents, and most importantly the players themselves, every year honor  the event in great numbers.

Following the customary year- end activities  report of the Cyprus Tennis Federation President an elaborate  awards ceremony begins where a number of people are honored with trophies as well as prize money based on the “points awarded system”. (ranking)

  • Winners and runners up of the inter club competition award
  • Coach of the year award
  • Awards for the  first four champions of year end national rankings
  • Junior Player of the year award
  • Personalities and sponsors for their valuable services to the game.

are some of their awards given on this famous  “Day of Tennis”.

It is indeed a celebration not only of its player’s past year’s  achievements and results home and away  but more importantly what we call in Greek a celebration of”ΕΥ ΑΓΩΝΙΣΔΕΣΘΑΙ”

It is for this reason that on this special day a player is honored with this award alongside the “FAIR PLAY “ award also given to a player that has the shown exemplary behavior and ethos  during a match or marches  in the year that has passed.

The most important award however is given to the  Junior Player Of The Year Award.  This award is traditionally given to the player that not only has had the best results of the year but also is an example of character and personality that the sport prides itself with.