Local Tournaments

The Cyprus Tennis Federation every year plans and approves all local and international tournaments schedules.  
The tournaments are organized by the Federation the full or associate members and are governed by the Rules and Regulations of Local Tournaments with regards to their organization and structure.

The local tournaments Tennis calendar is published every year in late autumn.  The structure of the calendar is set in such a manner and way so as to assist players and their parents to avoid travelling long distances; moreover it gives players the opportunity to compete at various levels including the advantage of participating in International events within the country.

The structure of the calendar is set in such a way that players have a choice of two tournaments of different levels at most times.

The tournaments are split into 4 categories.  Grade 1, 2 and   3 and the Masters tournament of the Cyprus Tennis Federation. The ranking points depend on the grading of the tournament.

All details regarding the local tournaments could be found in the Rules and Regulations of local tournaments.

These regulations are amended before the end of the year by the Technical Committee and approved by the Board however they are of real effect only in the following calendar year. Tournament details and results are published on the web site of the Cyprus tennis federation https://ctf.tournamentsoftware.com. This is  updated on a daily basis whenever there is a tournament on, with both the results of the day and the order of play.