The Cyprus Fulbright Commission and the NCAA

Following their national military service for the boys, and finishing secondary education for the girls, athletes may apply through the Cyprus Fulbright commission for a full or part scholarship for a position in an American University so as to enable them to play NCAA tennis. NCAA affiliated Universities  provides excellent example where studies and high level tennis  co-exist. The NCAA site is

Prerequisites for this possibility may be discussed at the Cyprus  Fulbright commission where they can obtain extensive details as to the exams athletes may  need to prepare and  take, the qualifications necessary to entitled them to apply, and of course the international ranking required to enter the University.

It is recommended that should athletes consider this option they should start planning well in advance  as the NCAA rules are quite extensive and strict.

The Cyprus web site of the Fulbright Commission is

Please remember that a large number of top atp professionals came out of NCAA tennis competitions(Isner,Anderson,Devarman)