14/06/2018 - Tennis Europe Junior Tour : Introducing ...Constantinos Koshis

Συνέντευξη Κωνσταντίνου Κοσιή στην ιστοσελίδα της Tennis Europe :

Tennis Europe Junior Tour
Introducing ...Constantinos Koshis

Εarlier this year, Constantinos Koshis became just the second player from Cyprus ever to top the Tennis Europe Junior Rankings following a great string of results in which he reached five finals, winning two 16 & Under events, and finishing as runner-up at three Category 1 14 & under tournaments. We spoke to him to find out more about his impressive run…
You’ve had a great start to the year, in both singles and doubles. How do you feel about your success?
It has been a good year until now, I managed to reach the final in 3 Category 1 tournaments. Unfortunately, in the two of those tournaments I wasn't very healthy playing. But I am very happy to win two 16 & Under tournaments, one category 2 and the other category 3. I can say that I am happy about it, but I still have to work hard and get better day by day.
What do you enjoy most, singles or doubles?
I prefer singles. But I really enjoy playing doubles especially when I am playing with a friend as a partner. Even though I recognize the importance of the doubles, I prefer to look at it as the more fun part of the sport. On the other hand, singles is more stressful and way more emotional because you are playing alone and you have to deal with yourself and your emotions. 
Already this year, you have played in Russia, France, Malta, Slovakia, Romania and in Cyprus…how did it feel to win at home, and do you like to travel?
Of course, it felt special and nice when I won the 16 & Under category 2 in Cyprus because all of my friends and family where there supporting me and when I won the tournament I was proud of myself because I showed to everyone and to myself as well that I can do it. Even though sometimes it is very tiring, I do enjoy travelling because I get the opportunity to see different countries and different cultures of people.
How do you prepare yourself for matches on the Tennis Europe Junior Tour?
I try to prepare myself in a correct way. For example, I will do a good warm up before the match, so I can be energetic and warm in the match, after I will get mentally ready with my coach by talking some tactics and then I will listen to some music to make the stress go away or to go around a little and spend some time with some of the other players.
Who is your idol in tennis?
My idol since I started watching and playing tennis is Rafael Nadal. He inspires me because he is always a big fighter no matter what.
How did you get involved in tennis?
I started playing tennis in a small club near my house where my brother was practicing and I enjoyed watching tennis, so I decided to start learning the sport and playing for fun. It means a lot to me because I love this sport and it is my everyday job, so I get used to it.
What do you enjoy in a tournament? And what is the most difficult part for you?
When I play big tournaments, I enjoy the atmosphere because there are many players around including my friends, so I get to see them and have fun with them. But, on the other hand I have to stay focused on my matches. Sometimes it's hard to combine both.
It’s not often that a player from a small nation such as Cyprus reaches the #1 in the Tennis Europe Junior Tour rankings. How does it feel to achieve it?
I am really happy that I reached the #1 position in the Tennis Europe rankings because it means that all my hard work is paying off. But, I still have to stay focused and work even harder, because there are many good players out there that they have the same goals with me and they are willing to work hard as well.
What are your goals for the rest of the season?
I have many goals but the most important thing for me is to stay healthy and improve my game day by day as better as I can.